The XXI Century School learning disruption

Scritto da Flavia Giannoli.

 Convegno nazionale Sirem-Siel 2014
Apertura e flessibilità nell’istruzione superiore: oltre l’e-learning? 

 Disruptive technologies are challenging traditional School Learning. Boundaries are blurring: formal mix up with informal, real with virtual, the teacher with the learner. Liquid modernity takes on school a great responsibility. Education became a lifelong learning journey. Learning experiences need to be designed and carefully projected. This article proposes a new way to set up learning activities using Open Resources, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and Flipped Classroom modality (OBF). The OBF project intends to rebuilt traditional didactics of Mathematics and Physics in two classrooms (third year of Scientific Lyceum). Learning Units will be restructured according to the Innovative Design of Didactics guidelines.

Slide: sconvolgimento ntury-school-learning-disruption